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Emergency Services

There’s nothing worse than looking up at your ceiling and seeing a drop of rain fall onto your head! That’s what happened to one of our customers, whose roof started leaking after a particularly heavy rain storm. But we got out and located the source of the leak for them and repaired it, ensuring they had a good night’s sleep without having worry about the ceiling caving in!


That’s just one of the emergency services we can offer, and we can get to you at very short notice. We can change locks for you if you’ve had your keys stolen, and repair broken glass in you’ve had a break in. Whatever the emergency, we might just be the people who can help you get things back to normal.  Our customers on score us 10/10 on courtesy, so we’re exactly who you need in a crisis –  polite, calm and efficient workmen who’ll get the job done quickly (the same customers also give us a 9.9/10 when it comes to timekeeping!). Let’s hope it never happens to you, but should you feel that first tell-tale drop of rain from your roof, get onto us straight away and we’ll come and sort it out for you!


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